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These rodents can destroy any environment. They will eat their way in gnawing through wood. Once inside they built nest and can destroy wiring. They leave a urine trail to identify there path. Real Stinky!

Rat & Mice

These pest will destroy anything made of wood. Once inside they eat through it and when they reach light they will discharge to plug the hole. Hard to notice.


In most cases we breed these ourselves without realizing it. 


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A real pest. They always know when it is dinner or cookout time. 


Even though cute, some will say “just a rat with a bushy tail”. They're classified as Rodents and have a different diet, but they do destroy gardens & homes.

Squirrel / Chipmunks /

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These pest take up residence anywhere there is no light. They enter through the smallest cracks. Travel and nest within the walls and electrical sockets. 

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Buy all three Special

Buy all three Special