In the US, termites do more economic damage annually than all tornados, hurricanes, and windstorms, combined . Because homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage, homeowners spend billions each year to repair these problems. Termites have the longest life span of any household pest, with individuals living up to 15 years. During this time, they may feed on the wood of home structures until little is left but non-supportive remnants, leaving a house structurally damaged.


This is a simple solution which my grandfather used throughout his life eliminating pest on his farm. Utilizing ingredients found in grocery and hardware stores.

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This is one insect where a professional is recommended. When it come to your home, your largest investment, we recommend their services. The WDO inspection is an intense review of the whole structure. Because termite can do so much damage and one of the hardest to detect we suggest this should be handled by a professional. We do recommend a company who treats with Termidor.

This is a simple home blend mixture grandma & grandpa used with safe ingredients has work for over 75 years, throughout his life, eliminating insects on his farm. Utilizing ingredients found in grocery and hardware stores.

Who wants Poison lying around? Who wants that liability?

Grandpas Termite Recipe


Will Email Recipe

Disposal of dead pest always wear rubber or plastic gloves when cleaning or handling pest items. Wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Grandpa used a simple mixture, but one of the ingredients is now safer than what he originally used. The mixture he used protected the house and barn. Before we put any fence post in the ground we would treat them with his mixture. The wooden farmhouse, barns, and all fence post are still standing today. This recipe will work for treatments, but if you suspect a colony has already moved in. Send us a WDO request today!


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