The most common insects to invade your home or office are the ants, cockroach, and fleas. Ants are most common to trail to the food source and take it to the nest. Ants are easy to bait. Cockroaches takes planning for placement; normally where moisture can be found. The flea is the quickest to multiply and create an infestation.

Ant - Roach - Flea

This is a simple solution which my grandfather used throughout his life eliminating pest on his farm. Utilizing ingredients found in grocery and hardware stores.

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There are some things we just donít want to live with!

Insects are the most diverse group of animals on the planet. Insects represent more than half of all known living organisms and potentially represent over 90% of the differing life forms on earth, with over a million species already described and documented.

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Grandpas Rat Recipe

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He would put it under the kitchen sink. By him doing this I never saw any bugs, ants, or roaches. The two ingredients can be purchased at a hardware and grocery store.† To apply it can be accomplished several ways. Placement can be where evidence is visible or can be used as bait. It works and is safe.


This recipe will kill Ants, Bugs, Roaches, Cockroaches, Fleas, Silverfish, and other pest.

With this recipe you will get several mixing instruction for several applications. This will depend on what type of insect and where you want to place it.

This is a simple home blend mixture grandma & grandpa used with safe ingredients has work for over 75 years, throughout his life, eliminating insects on his farm. Utilizing ingredients found in grocery and hardware stores. Once this mix is eaten the active ingredient takes affect the insect will die.

Who wants Poison lying around?†††† Who wants that liability?

Grandpaís Ant-Roach-Flea Recipe


Will Email Recipe

Disposal of dead pest always wear rubber or plastic gloves when cleaning or handling pest items.† Wash your hands with soap and warm water.


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