Home and Business pest control is a daily battle. Throughout the U.S. pest have been invading our homes, and for business, they are an embarrassment to employees and owners. Customers and guest judge your business or home when they see bugs and insects crawling around. Stop unwanted pest from invading your home or business.

These rodents, mice and rats, will eat almost anything, but prefer cereal grains, seeds, or sweet material. They require very little water, obtaining most of their water needs from their food. Mice can consume large quantities of stored seed and grains from farmers, warehouses, and homes.

Rodent and insect prevention is simple: Do not give food and shelter to these unwanted guests!

BUT- no matter how hard you try they will take up residence in your home or garage.

This is a simple solution which my grandfather used throughout his life eliminating rats and mice on his farm. Utilizing ingredients found in grocery and hardware stores.†††† Farm & Home Safe† Remedy

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Rat and mice (mouse) will contaminate your food supply with it's feces and urine. They gnaw through electrical wiring, causing fires and failure of freezers, clothes dryers and other appliances. Rodents are known to carry a wide variety of diseases transmissible to humans such as Hantavirus and Salmonellas.

Insect and rodents are a problem and can be stopped or eliminated. All pest normally hitch a ride in through† packages, shipment deliveries, and most cracks or openings you have in your structure.† With the proper inspection and pest control you can have a home or business free of these unwanted pest.

Termite is another topic. These pest are major destroying insect. They eat your home from the inside out and in most cases you donít even know it. It is important to be aware of their evidence, known what to look for. They are over 4,000 known types and most all do the same- they eat and bore through you wood structure.

Know what to look for! As most all species throughout the world we / they leave evidence of travel and presence. Leaving food parts, body parts, travel trails, and most of all droppings (crap). These are evidence they are here and most go un-noticed.† Be aware and take action before it spreads. They will multiply and quick!

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